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Let'em bleed~Frozen parody

  • The blood shines bright in the moonlight tonight

  • I just made art....

  • Not a body part to be seen

  • A kingdom of blood and scissors and it looks like I'm the queen

  • The blood keeps flowing like me heart that's inside....

  • Couldn't keep it in, hell knows I've tried...

  • Don't let anyone in don't let them see. Be the good girl you always have to be, conceal don't feel don't let the learn, well now they learned

  • Let'em bleed,let'em bleed!

  • Let their blood spill on the floor!

  • Time to show the world my art!

  • I won't care, how they're going to scream!

  • Let the blood flow on, the screams never seemed to bother me....

  • It's funny how this massacre makes everything look fun and the fear that once controlled me, makes everything feel alive!

  • It's time to see what I can do to test my limits and break through....

  • No right no wrong, when it's only me.

  • I'm free!

  • Let 'em bleed, let'em bleed!

  • See me scissors stab your eye!

  • Let'em bleed, let'em bleed! Like a stoner I get high!

  • I won't care how they're going to scream!

  • Let the blood flow on.....

  • My fear surgers through your heart and all around. My soul's the engine that will run this mad train all around and one idea sparks inspiration of my creative path!

  • I'm never going back, death is all I have!

  • Let'em bleed, let'em bleed !

  • Raining down into the drain!

  • Let'em bleed,let'em bleed!

  • Their precious life is gone

  • I won't care how their going to scream!

  • Let the blood flow on!!!!!!!

  • The screams never seemed to bother me.....

A gory zoe highlights from this traveler


Anonymous asked:

There's a reason people are getting nervous to post their art, edits, graphics or even gifs they made. Putting credits in the tags are not enough, if you have permission you should be putting the credit in the captions. Theft is theft, no matter what your reasons are.

Alright I understand. Fine I give up on posting I will just post my art only if everyone gets so annoyed and nervous about it

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